How To Lay The Foundations For Success - Fixed Assets

Staff prefer to work for a demonstrably successful business, one which is highly regarded for a professional approach. This demands that the highest standards of achievement and performance are displayed by top management to set a personal example and to demand similar standards from their staff. Yet some managers actually condone mediocrity by allowing unsatisfactory work to pass without comment.

Even small but important details must be actioned properly. For example, to accept a letter to a customer from your secretary with a typing error and to simply correct it by hand is to condone mediocrity.

At least three worthwhile benefits can come from paying people above average:
high standards of performance
existing staff are more likely to be retained
it is easier to recruit staff of the required calibre

Management development and staff training should be regarded as an investment in the key asset of the business, namely people, and people who have attended courses need to have an early opportunity to put their learning into action. The purpose of management development and staff training should also be to help improve the financial performance of the business. So the money spent must be equally purposeful.

External management development and training courses need careful selection, otherwise they are one of the easiest ways to waste money. Tailor-made courses may be better value for money than standard external programmes because there can be greater concentration on what is needed.

The largest opportunity by far, however, for management development and staff training is planned work experience and accountability for specific projects, in addition to the normal job responsibilities. Some companies, such as Shell, have made a major commitment in this way and benefited accordingly. Many more companies should put more effort into these opportunities, and attach less reliance upon standard external training cou



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